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The Wholesale Market’s administrative offices are located on the market grounds at Beusselstrasse, right in the eastern head-end structure of the fruit and vegetable hall (entrance 3).

As the proprietor, the administration is responsible for facility management and thus for the operational safety of the grounds at Beusselstrasse. Its tasks include the renting and leasing of commercial and office space and the maintenance and repair of the entire site.

Approximately thirty staff members ensure that the Wholesale Market functions smoothly in keeping with operational, safety and logistical standards. The Wholesale Market endeavours to operate as autonomously as possible. This means that the market maintains its own waste disposal station, local cleaning squads, its own workshops and a security company, since the Wholesale Market property is guarded around the clock.

The operating company Berliner Großmarkt GmbH is managed by managing director Ms. Petra Cardinal. Above the management is a five-member supervisory board with a representative from the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research.

The Berliner Grossmarkt GmbH is a state-owned company.

About us

Just image one-stop shopping. Simply arrive, park once and purchase everything you need. Well, this is already reality at our Wholesale Market. We’ve got fruits and vegetables, meat and sausage products, fish, beverages, convenience products, specialties and deli items. And since 2010 we’ve also been providing a broad range of flowers, plants and florist trade supplies. And then there are wide-ranging service offerings: Storage, refrigeration, a filling station, a car wash and repair shop The Berlin Wholesale Market is a modern freshness and logistics centre. That’s what we do.

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Markethall at Marheinekeplatz
Markethall at Marheinekeplatz
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secured sustainability
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