Who is permitted to buy?

The following purchasing conditions apply to the individual divisions of the Wholesale Market:


Conditions: Sales are permitted solely to retailers, bulk consumers, hotels and restaurateurs and other tradespeople; sales are prohibited to final consumers.

Operating hours: 24 hrs. a day (please refer to each company’s respective opening hours)

Documentation required: Commercial permit, itinerant trading license or registry extract.

Fees: None (for exceptions, see Special Regulations)

Deliveries: 24 hrs. a day (by arrangement with companies)


Special Regulations:


Fruchthof Berlin

Market hours: Mon - Fri 2.00 am - 4.00 pm; Sat 2.00 am - 11.00 am

Contact: Fruchthof Berlin Verwaltungsgenossenschaft

Tel.: +49 (0)30 - 395 50 07

Fees for sales IDs:

Issuing fee: 25.00 euros, 

Extension: 12.00 euros (annually)


Wholesale Flower Market and Wholesale Meat Market

Please ask the respective wholesaler about the assortment and 
purchasing possibilities

Modern waste disposal

Hygiene is the highest priority!
Please help us by disposing of your own waste Exclusively at the disposal station (Building 03, directly at the Beusselstrasse entrance).

Free of charge:
Cardboard, foils, water palettes

For a fee:
Wood (0.11€/kg); compost (0.11 €/kg); non-recyclable waste (0.30 €/kg)

Opening hours for waste station:
Mon - Fri 2.00 am - 2.00 pm 
Sat until further notice

Disposal conditions
Only dispose of the waste arising from your purchases. It is not permitted to bring home and commercial waste. Violations will be prosecuted.

See here for further information.

Markethall at Marheinekeplatz
Markethall at Marheinekeplatz
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secured sustainability
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