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Freshness Centre - Other Products

Do you have an appetite for more?

Say, for a fine sauce to go with that meat, healthy wholegrain rice for your fish, Greek olive oil for that salad, some pasta, a ready-made salad, numerous dairy products and beverages? Or can we offer you a tender Gouda cheese, served with fresh herbs straight from the garden? And what good is an elegantly set table without a premium pilsner, or a multicourse menu without spices, dessert and a matching dessert wine?

The huge selection of foods at the Beusselstrasse Freshness Centre represents a tasty addition to the range of fruits and vegetables, fish and seafood, and meat and sausage products.

This is the crowning addition to the one-stop shopping concept of a modern freshness centre like the Berlin Wholesale Market. No matter what your customers are looking for, they can find it here at Beusselstrasse – or, if they can’t, then one of the local freshness specialists is sure to seek, find and deliver it.
The wholesalers' comments
This is what our customers like about the Berlin Wholesale Market: They get virtually everything here, and they get it in virtually any quantity. And they don’t even have to select it themselves. The specialised wholesalers know their high demands, they are also available by phone and they deliver within hours. And when the schedule gets really tight, they’re on the job at night and on weekends too. What we used to call “the belly of Berlin” is today known only as “the Beusselstrasse Freshness Centre”.

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