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Berliner Grossmarkt GmbH
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Freshness Centre for Meat & Sausages

A hearty döner kebab, an elegant Argentinian steak, a fine Black Forest ham and coarse, country-style mettwurst: These are just a fraction of what the Freshness Centre for Meat processes and sells at the Berlin Wholesale Market. More than twenty specialists give their best.

The product range stretches from lamb and mutton to beef, pork and poultry. It also includes offal and exotic delicacies, a variety of international flavours plus convenience, catering and menu services. The Wholesale Meat Market is integrated with the training centre of the Berlin-Brandenburg Butchers’ Guild, offering inter-company apprenticeship training in the butcher’s trade, master and sales director courses, informational events and professional seminars, along with training programmes on food hygiene.

In a multicultural region such as Berlin, it goes without saying that religiously-based processing methods such as kosher meat for Jews and halal beef for devout Muslims are taken into consideration and are also on offer. The growth of organic products and regional varieties in this segment is also evident.

The wholesalers' comments
Fresh meat, sausage and ham specialities are products that must be handled responsibly, professionally and with the necessary sensitivity. Daily freshness, rapid processing and optimal purchasing all guarantee our customers the finest quality at optimal prices. The Beusselstrasse Wholesale Market is a perfect location for the trade in meat and sausage products and is a daily meeting place for a great number of wholesalers and retailers in Berlin and Brandenburg.

The Wholesale Meat Market in brief:

  • Total area 18.900 m²
  • 20 certified wholesalers
  • Processing of beef, pork, lamb, poultry
  • Handling volume: ca. 250,000 tonnes/year
  • Butcher' Association/Guild of Berlin-Brandenburg:
    ca. 135 specialised shops
    ca. 300 apprentices
  • Freezerhall refrigerated warehouse palette places: 12,500
  • Temperatures: down to -40° C

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