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Berliner Grossmarkt GmbH
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Freshness Centre for Fish & Seafood

Variety from seas and basins

Do you know skrei – the exclusive winter cod that is only caught in the first months of the year off the Lofoten (an archipelago off the Norwegian coast)? This fish is rare outside of the season. It is elegant and a true feast for the palate. It is sold at the Berlin Wholesale Market, along with many other often odd-sounding fellow sea-dwellers, such as branzino, gurnard or the delicious spined loach.

We also offer variety in the area of fresh fish and seafood. Berlin’s restaurant business loves elegant dishes like scampi, oysters and caviar. Of course, our customers are paying growing attention to whether salmon, trout, carp and catfish come from sustainable production. Today, enjoying gourmet food with a good conscience is not only a demand, but increasingly also a reality.

Full-line suppliers and specialists for fish and frozen foods ensure a comprehensive product range at the Berlin Wholesale Market. The companies process, sell and supply this exclusive product. Deutsche See GmbH is one of them. As a fish supplier and market leader in Germany, Deutsche See Fischmanufaktur sets standards in freshness, quality and variety.
The wholesalers' comments
The central location of the Berlin Wholesale Market is crucial for fast fish logistics. This explains the tremendous value of the Beusselstraße site for fish wholesalers. From here products can be delivered quickly and punctually to customers in the Greater Berlin area, which is vital given the increasing popularity of fish and seafood among Germans.

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