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Opening hours

Please refer to the companies’ respective opening hours.


Please arrange with the respective companies.

Documentation, fees, contacts

Please request from the individual companies.


Everything in one location

Maybe you want to wash your delivery van while you shop and then pick up some bags and grocery sacks for your sales. Or you might want to round off your shopping trip by filling your tank and ordering your new winter tyres. Or maybe you want to stop by the wholesale trade centre for catering supplies and order an urgently needed part – all these things work like a charm at the Berlin Wholesale Market.

A broad range of companies at the Berlin Wholesale Market complement your daily shopping trip. These are specialists that meaningfully supplement the wide-ranging offerings provided by the wholesalers at Beusselstrasse. Maybe you are looking for rental cooling areas in different temperature zones or convenience and processing operations that can prepare a number of products to match your customers’ wishes. Or maybe you need truck washing facilities, a repair shop, a cleaning service, a tyre dealer, a filling station, a replacement part company, service stations for forklifts, or else wholesalers providing furnishing concepts in the food industry.

These offerings all round off the one-stop shopping concept. Finally, this range is complemented by service areas such as web design, marketing and advertising, catering, packaging material as well as laboratory and testing activities. Of course, official facilities also belong at the Berlin Wholesale Market: The Veterinary and Food Supervisory Agency, the Plant Protection Agency, the Technical Expert Agency for Fruit and Vegetables, and the ZMP – the Central Marketing and Price Reporting Unit.

The customers praise
Everything under one roof. At the Berlin Wholesale Market that also includes the service sector, which rounds off the one-stop shopping concept. The vehicle wash facility, the repair shops and the spare parts store for lorries, cars and forklift trucks, the varying sizes and temperature ranges in the rentable cold storage room, the laboratories, the fitters and packaging material dealers – all this serves as a unique and useful complement to the Berlin Wholesale Market’s fresh produce strategy.

Modern waste disposal

Hygiene is the highest priority!
Please help us by disposing of your own waste Exclusively at the disposal station (Building 104, directly at the Beusselstrasse entrance).

Free of charge:
Cardboard, foils, water palettes

For a fee:
Wood (0.11€/kg); compost (0.11 €/kg); non-recyclable waste (0.30 €/kg)

Opening hours for waste station:
Mon and Fri 2.00 am - 4.00 pm
Tue, Wed, Thu 2.00 am - 2.00 pm
Sat 3.00 am - 1.30 pm until further notice

Disposal conditions
Only dispose of the waste arising from your purchases. It is not permitted to bring home and commercial waste. Violations will be prosecuted.

See here for further information.

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