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Sales are limited to retailers and other tradespeople.
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Opening hours

Mon - Sat 4.00 am - 9.00 am
then the opening hours
ask individually at the dealers

Customer parking

4 hours for free with valid access permit.
Thereafter 2 euro/hr.


24/7 (by arrangement with traders)

Contact and access permit

Berliner Grossmarkt GmbH
Tel.: +49 (0)30 - 398 961-31/32

Freshness Centre for Flowers & Plants

A sea of colour

What colours, and what fragrances… The heavy bouquet of Latin American roses hovers over the Wholesale Flower Market. Elsewhere, the smell of domestic fir sprigs fills your nose. It is then replaced by white jasmine with its intense aroma. The Wholesale Flower Market is an experience not only for the eyes but also for eager noses. The fresh merchandise has arrived in the early evening, either from auctions in neighbouring countries in Europe or else directly by plane from plantations and greenhouses across the world. Now here it all is, generously decorated in the inviting, light-flooded sales area.

A 12,000 m² sales area invites you to shop amid this flourishing business. Here you can find everything the heart of a flower retailer, florist or large-scale customer could ever desire: Spring and summer bloomers, cut flowers, potted plants, garden and balcony plants and shrubs are just as plentiful as fir sprigs and florists’ trade supplies. The merchandise is presented in modern refrigerated storage facilities to preserve its freshness and its high quality. It is brought to a comfortable, air-conditioned hall, constructed for the customers of the Wholesale Flower Market. This way, the beauties stick to their stems and last a long time in the pot.

Starting at 4 am, the merchandise is sold not only to flower retailers and florists from Berlin and Brandenburg, but also to purchasers from hotels and the restaurant business, who wish to decorate their tables, as well as to undertakers and construction companies, who require funeral and topping-out wreaths. Merchandise is also sold to furnishers and decorators who are interested in the latest trends in wholesale florists’ trade supplies. There is a continuous coming and going that lasts far into the day.

Like waves in a sea of colour…
The customers praise
The Wholesale Flower Market settled in quickly after moving to the Wholesale Market site in Beusselstraße in May 2010. The central location and the one-stop shopping strategy go hand in glove with the flower wholesalers’ focus on service. Under the roof of the Wholesale Flower Market an association of providers of specialist garden products, pot and garden plants, cut flowers and gardening and florist supplies offers a wide range of goods and perfectly tailored services at competitive prices.

The Wholesale Flower Market in brief

  • Total area: ca. 22,000 m²
  • Garden market: 5,700 m²
  • Cut flowers: 4,500 m²
  • Florists' trade supplies:
    ca. 1,800 m²
  • Total sales area: ca. 12,000 m²
  • 13 wholesalers
  • Opened in May 2010

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